first the 3ds, next your mom
The Cyclo3DS is the world’s most advanced flashcart for the Nintendo 3DS. It can play DS, DSi enhanced, DSi only, 3DS and 3DSWare games. You can play 3D movies in quad HD using the Cyclo3DS. The Cyclo 3DS is an amazing piece of technology. With the Cyclo3DS, homebrew developers can access the SD slot. The Cyclo3DS is made from quality European parts. Unlike other flashcarts, this is not made in sweatshops in China. The Cyclo 3DS's menu can be operated using only the motion sensor on the 3DS! The Cyclo 3DS is the best and cheapest 3DS flashcart on the market!
  • Quad HD movies
  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • Tegra 2
  • 24 GB of RAM
  • No Engrish in Menu
We also accept food-stamps. We also have access to a time machine so we can anticipate Nintendo's every mode. Another thing that we have access to is an Engrish to English translator!
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